Marion Ehrsam


Organizer of art and design in wedding
This is the title of the cultural event that has been taking place regularly in the project space TOGO80 and montagehalle-berlin for over 10 years now. Also includes workshops, concerts, and readings. . .


I-Project ‘Stiller Raum’ [Silent Room] – first design phase
The ‘Stiller Raum’ – a sort of pavilion, which is temporarily set up at different locations for a particular period of time. …

project portfolio

II-Project ‘Stille Räume’ [Silent Rooms] – second design phase
The ‘Stille Räume’ – acupuncture points of Berlolina . . . a social work of art . . .

project portfolio

‘Raum der Stille’ [Room of Silence] – Helios Klinikum Berlin Version 2014/15
Prayer room in the Helios Clinic – Emil of Behring – Berlin Zehlendorf

project portfolio

‘Raum der Abschied’ [Farewell Room] – Helios Klinikum Berlin – Version 2016
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project portfolio

Storyboards / drawings for the film ‘Undine’ by Christian Petzold
With Paula Beer, Franz Rogowski, Maryam Zaree Camera Hans Fromm
70th Berlin International Film Festival – Silver Bear for Paula Beer (offizieller Trailer)