Marion Ehrsam


1963 – 1983
Marion Ehrsam – born in Basel/Switzerland | preparatory course and specialised class at the University of Art and Design in Basel | diploma degree

1983 – 1991
Freelance work as a designer in Paris, Basel and Bologna | parallel studies in contemporary dance | Graduation at the ‘Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna’ with honours | Props Manager at the Goetheanum Stage/ Switzerland
Studied Eurythmy in Stuttgart | Simultaneously worked as a set and costume designer at the Novalis Stage.

1991 – 1998
Freelance artist and photographer in Hamburg for magazines and books in the creative and lifestyle sector (approx. 100 photo productions | various stage productions as stage and costume designer etc.) Orpheus and Eurydice’ (1000 Years City of Stade/94), ‘Eros and Fable’ (European tour/96), ‘Magic Flute’ (Chiemgau Festival/98).

1998 –2009
Founded the studio for design in Freiburg. Main focus – graphic design for print media and ‘CI’ at home and abroad | continued to work in the field of stage/costumes, trade fair presentations, colour concepts, etc. | at the same time intensive work with independent painting and drawing | various solo exhibitions | studio sponsorship from Edith Maryon Foundation in Berlin …

lives and works in Berlin since 2010 …
Renewal of studio funding | Since then many solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad | Scholarship for the China exhibition at the Gu Yuan Museum of Art – Zhuhai . . .

still active in graphics/design, room and colour design, stage design, photography . . .

projects . . .
Hiram Haus – Stiller Raum | art to go _ Galerie Wedding | spatial concept and design ‘Raum der Stille’ and ‘Abschiedsraum’ Behring Klinik Zehlendorf | ‘kunst und design im wedding’ – project room TOGO80 – 10 years of regular cultural events around Togostrasse | Atelierhaus Australian Embassy (east) – project development and co-organiser of art and culture festivals | various concert exhibitions with music in an extended tonality . . . and much more .

Documentations and project portfolios as PDF download under . . . _ projects

Freelancer of the Edith Maryon Foundation – project development, etc.


Dear Marion, never forget lightness and humour . . . wrap everything in lightness . . . lightness and humour perform miracles!

Text notice in the Zhuhai Art Museum on the picture cycle Lightness